Amazing Magic Shows!

Amazing Magic Shows with Eddy Ray! 

Memorable, Family Friendly, Energetic, Funny, and Amazing!

Stand-Up Magic, Comedy, Amazement!

Want to give the audience an Unforgettable Time that they will be talking about for days and weeks later? Then get ready for Eddy Ray! This isn’t your granddad’s magic show, oh no…Eddy Ray provides an up to date show featuring the world’s most amazing sleight of hand magic, hilarious comedy, audience involvement, all mixed with professional modern attire, music, and personality from Eddy Ray. This is what makes Eddy’s show one that people will consider the most entertaining experience ever. They will thank you for providing them with such an unforgettable time!

This type of magic program is perfect for audiences of twenty up to even a thousand or more. The show ranges anywhere from 30, 45, and 60 minutes depending on your desire and need.

Magic Show Highlights Might Include:

  • Simple playing cards appear, disappear and multiply in an impossible manner!
  • Solid metal rings visually melt together only feet from the eyes of the audience!
  • The entire audience reads another persons mind!
  • A persons shoe disappears and reappears inside a balloon!
  • One audience member watches in amazement as everyone else is “in” on the trick!

Strolling, Mingle Close-Up Magic!

In addition to Magician Eddy Ray’s amazing Stand Up Magic Shows we also offer close-up magic and mind reading! Eddy will be strolling around from group to group performing close-up magic. Watch your guests react in amazement when borrowed objects such as money, rings, and rubber bands are used to create impossible illusions inches from the eyes of your delighted guests! Every small group of people will get their own mini 5-7 minute close-up magic show, then Eddy moves to the next group. This is perfect for weddings, festivals, private parties, block parties, grand openings,… anywhere! Add a touch of magic to your event!

Our strolling close-up magic is performed by the hour depending on how much event coverage you need. Typically 100 people can be covered within an hour.

Eddy Ray Is The Best Solution For Your Event:

  • Only Certified Magician in the area! (member of Certified Magicians Network)
  • Carries full liability insurance so you don’t have to worry!
  • Carries a child abuse history clearance certificate from the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Entertainment that is fun for the whole family, only clean wholesome programs.
  • Performs over 200 shows a year. Eddy has the experience to make your event memorable!!!


Investment Breakdown of Eddy Ray’s Stand-Up Shows:

– 30 minute Eddy Ray Magic Show: $247.00

– 45 minute Eddy Ray Magic Show: $297.00

– 60 minute Eddy Ray Magic Show: $327.00

Eddy Ray’s Strolling Close-Up Magic:

– 60 minute Strolling Close-Up Magic: $250.00 per hour

Combo Magic Package, Giving You More Event Coverage!:

– Book any Stand-Up Magic Show and add 30 minutes of Strolling Magic for only an additional $50.00

– Book any Stand-Up Magic Show and add 60 minutes of Strolling Magic for only an additional $100.00

 (we highly recommend that our Strolling Magic entertainment be performed first with the Stand-Up show to follow)


Continue Reading Below For Customer Testimonials!

What Are Others Saying About Magician Eddy Ray?

Our radio station has included and showcased the many talents of entertainer Eddy Ray many times over the past few years and Mr. Ray always provides our expos, live broadcasts and special event audiences with high-quality entertainment and magic. Mr. Ray’s pleasant personality is an asset to our public undertakings and we always get very positive feedback when he is a part of any of our shows. honestly very highly recommend Mr. Ray!

– David L. Kline – General Manager WEEU Radio

Dear Mr. Ray, On behalf of the Bernville Area Community Library Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for a great performance at the library in October.  We were so pleased to have your program as part of the library’s 15th anniversary celebrations. Your magic tricks were marvelous.  Thank you also for providing a book signing opportunity afterwards. We appreciate your coming to Bernville.

– Betsy Reifsnyder Board Secretary of Bernville Area Library

Eddy Ray’s special brand of interactive magic and comedy delighted both young and old. His performance was more than expected and we look forward to having him back again for a third year in a row.

– Dean Rhorbach – Elm Street Manager

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Eddy Ray offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. He guarantees his audience will be smiling, laughing and having a good time or the show is FREE! Eddy’s had this guarantee for over 10 years and not one person has taken him up on it. You can be assured that you are getting a professional entertainment program from Eddy Ray each and every time. Only a real professional and confident entertainer could offer such a guarantee!!!

Reserve Your Date and Time Before It Disappears!

Don’t delay… contact Eddy Ray with any questions or to inquire about his availability. Eddy is fortunate to perform over 20 shows each month, so available dates and times can go very quickly. Don’t miss out… contact Eddy now!

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