Best Magicians in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

Eddy Ray is the most experienced magician in Bloomsburg, PA with over 3,000 performances!

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Whether performing on the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds or for a child’s party in a home, Eddy Ray can bring his magic to you. Many people choose to host smaller events at their homes and Eddy is completely comfortable performing a variety of magic shows in that situation. He can be very adaptable and setup shows even in the smallest of areas.

Eddy also offers strolling magic where he can mingle with your guests and amaze them with incredible sleight of hand close-up tricks. He can perform inside your home, or if you are planning to do the event outdoors Eddy can work with you to make sure the magical entertainment runs smoothly.

Bloomsburg magician and magicman, Eddy Ray doesn’t just perform for private parties. He performs at many pubic events such as car shows, festivals, block parties and many other community related events throughout the year.

He can often be found performing his cub scout magic show for Blue and Gold Banquets, his educational and themed library summer reading programs, and during many local school assemblies for special events, reward days and more.

When considering magic entertainment for your party, put Eddy Ray at the top of your list. From his solid experience and family friendly approach… and affordable magic entertainment you cannot go wrong!

How To Hire: Simple. Review this website to see what Eddy is all about. You can read through testimonials, see a brief list of clients, see how Eddy started in magic and much more. Next, fill out the form above or visit the contact page. You can email, submit the form or even call. Make sure to leave details about your event such as the type of event being planned, possible dates/times, location etc. The more information the better and will help Eddy provide you with a more precise answer regarding availability in his schedule and pricing. Thank you!