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Looking For Clowns in Allentown For Kids Parties? Why not hire a magician instead?

10 to 20% of the population are affected by coulrophobia – fear of clowns. Kids, even more.

Hiring a clown in allentown for your kids party sounds like a great idea, but truth be told some kids are simply scared of them. The fear comes from the costuming and makeup. Kids have a hard time associating with a clown because they don’t see anything that seems normal to them, which helps create the fear. Luckily, there is a simple solution to finding a suitable entertainer for your kids party. Host a fun filled comedy magic show!

By hiring magicians over clowns in Allentown, the risk of having kids get scared or upset during the show is minimal, which means a more pleasant and fun experience for you, your child, and all of the guests attending.

Here are some more reasons you should consider a magician over clowns

  1. Magicians perform a full magic show, they specialize in fun magic tricks for kids. Clowns might just perform a few tricks and that’s it.
  2. Kids can relate to the magician because he or she is not dressed up in a weird costume and their face is not painted. No scared children, just happy ones!
  3. Clowns usually provide balloon animals. This is fine but balloon animals do not last long. They can easily pop or break and can become a choking hazard for younger children. In addition to this the sound of the balloons popping could scare younger children. Eddy Ray a magician provides an activity booklet and goodie bag with all sorts of fun magical goodies. This gets the kids learning by reading the magic tricks. It also instills self confidence and boosts self esteem when Eddy teaches them all how to do a magic trick.

So there you have it, simple reasons why you should highly consider hiring a magician over a clown for your kids party. Don’t run the risk of having a child get upset and throw the entire party off… hire a magician and avoid disappointment. Browse around the website for more information on Eddy’s magic shows and contact him to get more information with pricing. Clowns might be inexpensive, but will you be satisfied with your choice? Eddy Ray guarantees every magic show, the kids will be smiling, giggling, and having a good time!

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