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Trying to find the right Dillsburg, PA Magicians that specialize in family and children’s entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one Dillsburg magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing high caliber family FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family and Children’s Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Dillsburg). This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include the Goddard School, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Apple Dumpling Festival, Reading Fair, and many more. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults. Any AGE!

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“Eddy, thanks for performing your amazing magic for all of the kids and viewing audience on our tv show, Kids on the Beat. You helped make our program even more unique” – Betty Fyke –Kids on the Beat TV, Pennsylvania

“Made audience laugh, personality was good! Audience participation was great. Everyone commented that they enjoyed your presentation.” – Marcia Mengel – Atlantic Energy Concepts


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Dillsburg PA Magician Eddy Ray serves: Dillsburg PA, Beavertown PA, Stevenstown PA, Siddonsburg PA, Boiling Springs PA, Brandtsville PA, Williams Grove PA, Franklintown PA, Mt Holly Springs PA, and many more. He serves your area!

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A Few Reasons To Hire A Magician in Dillsburg

Dillsburg magician Eddy Ray is a favorite among many kids and adults in the Dillsburg area and beyond. This Dillsburg magician has been performing magic since he was a young boy of five years! He’s been performing professionally for over 10 years and gets asked back over and over at many events.

This magician in Dillsburg amazes kids and adults through world class magic and hilarious comedy routines. Eddy also includes interactive audience participation segments in his magic show where kids and adults volunteer in magic tricks. These segments always make memorable moments!

Eddy Ray is unlike other magicians in Dillsburg. This magician in Dillsburg actually has teaches others magicians how to perform! He has lectured, provided workshops, and gives private lessons all over the world! This shows how impressive the talent of Eddy really is.

Dillsburg magicians are not all full time magicians like Eddy Ray. It’s important to find a qualified magician in Dillsburg that is full time and can provided a memorable show. Make sure to ask the potential magician in Dillsburg for a client list and testimonials. This will help you analyze the professionalism and talent of the magician in question.

If you would like more information on this magician in Dillsburg, please call Eddy at 1-877-297-7252. He can send you free information and a price quote very quick.  Do not delay, contact this Dillsburg magician today!