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Trying to find the best Easton, PA Magicians that specialize in wholesome, quality family entertainment can be a very time consuming task. However, let one professional family magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing AWESOME FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to worry about!

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family and Children’s Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Easton). This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include the Make A Wish Foundation, Stokesay Castle, the Fox Family Channel, America’s Got Talent, Blue Restaurant, and many more. His magic shows are perfect for any age audience as each show is customized to fit YOUR EVENT!

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“Eddy, thanks for performing your amazing magic for all of the kids and viewing audience on our tv show, Kids on the Beat. You helped make our program even more unique” – Betty Fyke –Kids on the Beat TV, Pennsylvnia

My son’s birthday party was a hit!! Thanks to Eddy Ray, the kids could not stop talking about his Magic Show – something they won’t forget for a long time!! Thanks Eddy!”

– Robin Oxenreider 


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Magician For Hire in Easton PA, Eddy Ray

Full time magician Eddy Ray is a professional family entertainer specializing in magic shows for kids and adults. This magician performs many amazing magic tricks. Below are some of the well known tricks he performs in his very popular and in demand, Amazing Magic Shows!

Eddy Ray performs some amazing tricks, here are a few samples of what you might see at your event or party.

a) Eddy Ray makes playing cards appear and disappear at his fingertips. This is pure sleight of hand magic that only a talented and professional magician in Easton can perform. Many magicians lack the skill, dexterity, and knowledge of how to perform sleight of hand. This kind of magic is what you see on television, but you get the chance to witness it first hand from Eddy Ray!

b) Eddy also performs an incredible 50 foot rope escape! Two lucky volunteers have the chance to win money as Eddy tries to escape from rope after they’ve tied him head to toe! This is pure entertainment and a crowd pleaser. Eddy has performed this all over the USA and has had police officers, members of the military, and cub scouts tie him up….. but Eddy has been able to escape every single time! Will you be able to keep him from escaping?

c) Eddy Ray also performs a popular classic of magic which he has brought into the modern era. The trick is called the mystery of the rings. This magician in Easton performs this amazing magic trick where solid rings melt through each other linking together! During this routine and others Eddy uses music to enhance not only the trick but the show as well. Unlike others, Eddy mixes music, sleight of hand, classic magic, and modern attire to create a truly unique and magical experience.

These are just a few of the tricks that Eddy is known for. Eddy will have your audience gapsing in amazement and rolling with laughter throughout his magic shows! For more information on him call right now at 1-877-297-7252. He will send you free information and a price quote concerning your event! He usually responds very quickly!