Magicians in Elysburg PA For Kids And Adults

Eddy Ray’s Magic Shows Are The Perfect Solution To An Event For Kids And Adults. He’s The Busiest Magician in PA!

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Trying to find the right entertainers, speakers, or family friendly performers in Elysburg PA that specialize in professional and quality entertainment can be a very frustrating task and one that could take a lot of time out of your busy schedule. However, let one magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing high caliber family FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the process of hiring Eddy is quick and simple!

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional family magician and entertainer who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Elysburg PA). He is well experienced in both private and public events for all ages.



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What Makes Eddy Ray The Best?

When it comes to having a memorable party/event, Eddy Ray has lots to offer. He is world class magician and sleight of hand artist with a fun/comical personality that will engage the entire audience. Eddy actually teaches other magicians locally and other areas how to perform magic tricks and sleight of hand. He also has books on magic and instructional teaching DVD’s to help assist those magicians when Eddy is teaching. The products are available for sale all over the world in many magic shops, book stores, and of course, online retailers including Amazon, Ebay, and Barnes and Noble.

Eddy is the only magician in town to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every magic show/program. The guarantee is offered because he provides excellent customer service and fulfills his obligation to help make your event memorable. Most magicians just perform their magic show. Eddy makes every attempt to help you from the beginning by providing information and tips regarding your event which will help lower your stress at the same time giving you a feeling of security because you know Eddy Ray is a top pro!

Don’t think hiring a magician is difficult, it’s not. Eddy Ray will provide you with many magic show options and when you book a magic show he’ll send you a confirmation, color flyers, a photo, and other relevant information regarding his magic show. What could be easier? Well, Eddy also accepts all major credit cards including American Express for show payment! Now that is easy!!!

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Notable Tricks From Eddy Ray – Best Magic Shows in Elysburg PA

Eddy Ray is well known formaking cards appear at his finger tips, reading someones mind, and escaping from 100 feet of rope after being tied up by people from the audience! Eddy amazes and delights kids and adults with many visually stunning tricks. The tricks that Eddy will perform in his show are visual enough to be seen by all and can play well in front of just several people up to a few hundred people and more! This feature allows Eddy to bring his magic show in your own home or just about any place you can imagine. Don’t stress over not having adequate room as Eddy can setup even with the smallest amount of room. What matters most is that Eddy will create a magical experience at your event that all of your guests will enjoy!