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Trying to find the best Mechanicsburg, PA Magicians that specialize in family and children’s entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one of the area’s top performers – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing customizable magic shows for both kids and adults that are perfect for private, public, and corporate events! Every show is guaranteed to entertain and delight your guests…. or you don’t pay a dime. Eddy Ray’s satisfaction guarantee is unmatched!

Thanks for a fantastic party.  The kids loved your show.  We were thrilled with how engaged they were. Great morning, great show, best birthday party ever! Thanks so much!

– Sandy – Party Mom

Please contact Mr. Ray for further information on his magic shows and pricing. Call 1-877-297-7252, submit a contact form below, or email Eddy at . As Eddy performs professionally, available dates/times change on a daily basis. It’s best to contact him with your event details as soon as possible!



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Magicians For Hire in Mechanicsburg PA

When you hire a magician such as Eddy Ray, you are in store for an amazing and memorable show! Eddy Ray is a full time magician who performs his fun filled and engaging magic shows for kids and adults at over 250 events a year. He has gotten great reviews and testimonials from people all over the Pennsylvania area for helping provide amazing magic which continues to make events successful time after time.

Not all performers are able to perform a show for the family audience like Eddy Ray. You need to be careful when hiring a magician for a magic show in Mechanicsburg because some only perform for adults and their show may be inappropriate for your guests. If they use scary or dangerous magic tricks watch out. This is something you will want to avoid. The other important thing to consider about other magiciains is if the are reliable. Are they even full time professionals? Without a reliable professional, you are going in the wrong direction for your event.

You see, some magicians in the entertainment field perform only in their spare time, which is fine. But, how do you know they are going to work with you, be flexible, and be professional enough to give your guests a memorable show? The only way you can be sure of these things is to find and hire a professional magician, a full time pro. Eddy Ray has been a professional magician in the area for over 15 years providing families, companies and many other organizations with unique entertainment. Adding some magic to your event is a great way to entertain and impress your guests, but it’s important to have a confident and experienced magician like Eddy Ray.

Keep in mind, some magicians might be less expensive than others. You get what you pay for. If you want the peace of mind, a magician who is reliable, professional, and a magician in Mechanicsburg that will make your event memorable, it’s probably best to stick with a professional. Don’t run the risk of hiring someone who might not show up on time or someone who might not give your guests the memorable show you really want. A professional magician like Eddy will leave lasting memories for your guests.

What better way to end your event then having people talk about the amazing magic they witnessed and how much fun they had attending your event? Soon your event will become the talk of the town and people will be thanking you for such a memorable and fun experience. Eddy’s magic is something that is remember because of his engaging personality and incredible sleight of hand that keeps people wondering! Along with Eddy’s talented magic skills, he is also a very funny guy. He often mixes in comedy and gets volunteers from the crowd to assist him directly. This often makes for a very fun and unforgettable time!