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Eddy Ray Is The Certified Magician In Pennsburg. He Will Make Your Event Memorable!

Pennsburg Magician Eddy Ray Amazes, Dazzles, And Creates Illusions For All Types Of Events.

Read This About Pennsylvania Birthday PartiesMagician in Pennsburg Eddy Ray Creates Smiles And Laughter, Guaranteed!

Trying to find the right Pennsburg PA Magicians that specialize in family and children’s entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one Pennsburg magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing high caliber family FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eddy Ray is a full-time family entertainer and magician who performs his exciting magic shows all over Pennsylvania (including Pennsburg, PA). This magician in Pennsburg has strong client list and has performed at such places like: Royersford Elementary School, Spring City Elementary School, Certified Pubic Accountants, NBC, America’s Got Talent, Weeu Radio, and many more. This magician in Pennsburg brings experience and passion into every magic show.

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“Eddy kept the children entertained and was very good with questions and comments they made. Everyone was impressed and entertained. Eddy Ray will always be my #1 recommendation!”

– Kathy Hoffa – Boyertown Pennsylvania


Get In Touch With This Magician In Pennsburg. Eddy performs over 10 shows every single month, please contact him regarding your event for pricing details and more information. Call 1-877-297-7252. You can also email him or submit your event details in the form below.

Pennsburg PA Magician Eddy Ray serves: Pennsburg PA and the surrounding areas and beyond. He serves your area!

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Pennsburg Magicians For Hire – Here Is How You Choose Which Magician In Pennsburg

1) Magicians in Pennsburg – Eddy Ray, a magician in Pennsburg offers a selection of entertainment packages. Not just one option like some magicians in Pennsburg might offer. The more choices, the better because the magic show can be catered to fit your event. This magician in Pennsburg offers many options and features to you that can be fit into any kind of event. Whether your event is small or large, inside or out, this magician in Pennsburg has the solution for you!

2) Magicians in Pennsburg For Kids And Adults – This Pennsburg magician offers magic shows for both kids and adults and specializes in magic for the family audience. You won’t have to worry about the magic show not being appropriate. This magician in Pennsburg will have kids and adults amazed and entertained!

3) Pennsburg Magicians For Hire – Eddy Ray offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is the only magician in Pennsburg offering one. You can’t go wrong! This Pennsburg magician guarantees your guest will have a great time or the show is free, what could be more fair? Eddy strongly recommends never hiring any entertainer or magician in Pennsburg who does not offer a guarantee. If they are not confident in their services they you shouldn’t be either.

4) Proven results unlike any other magician in Pennsburg. Eddy Ray has a proven track record of clients including testimonials on his website that you can look at. Don’t hire any magician in Pennsburg who cannot provide you with important information like this. This magician in Pennsburg is a full time professional and will help make your event hassle free and fun for everyone. Even if your event is a year away… or just a few days away, Eddy strongly recommends that you contact him today. He can provide you with much needed information and details about everything he has to offer. Contact this magician in Pennsburg right now.!

5) Making your event unique. How important is that to you? Do you want your child’s party to be extra special? Do you need to add something special to your upcoming company picnic? What ever  your event might be, consider hiring this magician in Pennsburg. He has helped so many families and companies by providing them with memories and special moments during his magic shows. Imagine people coming up and thanking YOU for providing them with such a wonderful time… this magician in Pennsburg can make that happen!

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