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Trying to find the right magicians in Pottsville PA that are family friendly can be a rigorous task. However, let one top pro – Eddy Ray help ease your concerns by providing exciting family magic programs that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is 100% guaranteed to keep your guests in amazement and laughter!

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family and Children’s Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Pottsville). This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include WEEU Radio, Tremont Public Library, Bernville Area Library, Magic Jungle, and many more. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults. Any AGE!

Read What Others Have To Say About Eddy….

“Very entertaining, kept things moving along. Staff and residents enjoyed the show!” – Rhonda Singer – Columbia Cottage – Pennsylvania

“Very professional, related very well to the children. Held their attention and involved the birthday boy and others. Ideal goodie bags and party favors.” – AnnClaire McNish – Pennsylvania


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Reasons To Hire Eddy Ray Over Others:

Eddy Ray, a master magician has performed for kids and adults all over the area and world! This magician brings experience and expertise, a fun personality, and the willingness to help make your event or party memorable, guaranteed! He brings a unique magic knowledge and experience to any event that will certainly have everyone talking!

Magic is all about entertaining people and making them believe that anything is possible. Eddy will take you on a magical journey in each and every show. This Pottsville magician has appeared on radio talk shows, TV talk shows, and has even written books on magic. In fact, Eddy even teaches other magicians how to perform magic. He has lectured and performed workshops all over the world including Japan. He is well known for his incredible manipulations and sleight of hand with CD’s which has sprung many other magicians to come directly to Eddy to learn from.

Eddy has over 10 instructional DVD’s on magic available for sale worldwide. He would love to bring his magic show to your next party or event. If you ever thought about hiring a magician in Pottsville it can be a bit daunting. Some are not sure where to look and others are not sure who to hire. Trying to find qualified professionals who will make you look good can be far and few between. Luckily Eddy has the experience needed to help you plan your event and make it memorable. He knows what kind of magic entertainment will be best for your event and has no problem tailoring his magic programs to fit your event like a glove. Rather then you planning around the magic show, the magic show is planned around you and your event! Eddy will surely make it a magical experience.

Finally, many magicians and magical entertainers perform magic as a hobby or in their free time. You can’t rely on them doing a full entertaining show, that’s if they show up on time or even at all. You see, by not hiring a professional magician, you run the risk of bad things happening. Sure there are good magicians out there who perform magic as a hobby but when compared to someone like Eddy Ray, the value that you will get with a professional is far higher. Do not take any risk hiring someone who isn’t a pro. There are way too many negatives that can creep into your hard planned event and you don’t want to add to your stress level. Stick with a pro and feel at ease from the very beginning. By hiring a pro like Eddy, you are guaranteed to have a great event that you can even ENJOY yourself!