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Trying to find the right Quakertown, PA Magicians that specialize in family and children’s entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one Quakertown  magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing high caliber family FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family and Children’s Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Quakertown PA). This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include the Riveredge Restaurant, WEEU Radio, Mifflin Community Days , Scottish Rite Cathedral, Albright College, and many more. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults. Any AGE!

Below You Can Read Two Quick Testimonials For Magician Eddy Ray….

“Very professional, related very well to the children. Held their attention and involved the birthday boy and others. Ideal goodie bags and party favors.” – AnnClaire McNish – Pennsylvania

“Made audience laugh, personality was good! Audience participation was great. Everyone commented that they enjoyed your presentation.” – Marcia Mengel – Atlantic Energy Concepts


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When it comes time to hire a magician for your party or event it is important to find a magician who will give you the best service possible. Not all magicians are professional, so weeding out the amateurs from the pro’s can be tricky. Sorry for the pun, but here are a few tips when searching for a magician that should help steam line your attempt at finding the best magician to fit your event.

a)Full time versus Hobbyists. There are some good magicians in Quakertown that only perform magic as a hobby. This is ok, but are they going to be reliable? Will they show up? How professional is their show? You run the risk of them not meeting your expectations by hiring an amateur. Would you hire an amateur to repair your roof? Think about why there are professionals in every field. They are successful, talented, and great at what they do. This is what you need for your event or party. By choosing a pro, you can relax and know they will arrive on time, and make you look good during the entire event!

b) When talking to the magician for hire, make sure to ask for a list of testimonials from past clients. Seeing what others have said about a magicians services and show will tell you a lot. This one piece of information is critical. Some magicians can’t provide a testimonial list. You deserve to see a good track record. If they can’t provide such an easy piece of info like a testimonial, you shouldn’t take them seriously. The sad fact is many magicians out there aren’t running a professional service/business. Many hobbyists just do a few shows here and there and don’t make it a priority to be the best at what they do.

c) Does the performer cater to the proper age group of your audience? Some Quakertown magicians perform shows just for adults. Depending upon what your party needs are, you might need the magician to cater to just kids or the entire family. Make sure to ask and see if they can cater to your guests age. Without the entertainment being a fit for your audience, it would be a total waste of time and resources on your end. Eddy Ray is able to perform for any age and caters each show to fit the audience!

Hopefully these simple tips will help you when hiring a magician or any kind of entertainer. Remember, you get what you pay for. Sometimes spending a little bit more to get what you want is the best thing to do. Not all magicians are as experienced, professional, and talented as others. You can usually tell pretty quick who is a pro and who isn’t. Simply by looking over their website and seeing a client list, testimonials, and how quick they respond to your communications.

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