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Trying to find the right Red Lion, PA Magicians that specialize in family and children’s entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one Red Lion magician – Eddy Ray help ease your fears by providing high caliber family FUN entertainment that’s perfect for kids and ADULTS! Every magic show is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family and Children’s Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over Pennsylvania (including Red Lion, PA). This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include The Reading Inn, Cherry Hill Country Club, Reading Fair, Governor Mifflin Community Days, Red Robin, eHow and many more. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults. Any AGE!

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“Eddy put on a fabulous magic show that was enjoyed by not only the 5 year olds, but the adults as well! Everyone is still wondering where the ketchup bottle went!”

– Jane Wiedinmyer

“Eddy kept the children entertained and was very good with questions and comments they made. Everyone was impressed and entertained. Eddy Ray will always be my #1 recommendation!”

– Kathy Hoffa 


Contact PA’s Busiest Magician Eddy Ray Now For FREE Information: 1-877-297-7252. Eddy performs over 30 shows a month so his schedule gets filled up very quickly.

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Eddy Ray, a magician in Red Lion works as a full time professional entertainer providing amazing magic shows for kids and adults! Here are some tips to consider when hiring a magician, clown, or similar entertainment. Remember, Eddy is a full time professional in high demand. If your event is coming up please don’t hesitate to contact him right away. You will be happy that you did! Do not let your event date slip away.

One Very Important Tip To Know When Hiring Magicians in Red Lion PA:

Make sure you find a full time professional magician or entertainer to perform at your party or event. A full timer will have the experience and professionalism needed to help make your event memorable and know what kind of entertainment would be most appropriate. A professional will be reliable and be able to provide excellent service throughout. There are some Red Lion magicians who only perform part time or on occassion. They lack the experience needed and might not be reliable as they only perform in their spare time. Hiring a professional magician is the same as hiring any professional for a job. You want affordability, great service, and great results otherwise you may be let down, and your guests too.

PA’s Busiest Magician Eddy Ray’s magic shows are not off the shelf or canned as some others. Eddy incorporates a lot of original routines and character into his shows to make for the most entertaining experience. Some magicians think because they can purchase tricks from a magic store that they are now able to perform a magic show… this is a huge misconception. Eddy has spent years working for audiences of all types, young and old, small and large, and he also has performed in many unique venues from a moving train, one bedroom apartment, large theater, outside at a grand stand, and more. He knows what it takes to create a magical show for you. Eddy Ray is the only certified magician in the area and offers an affordable and memorable show that your guests will absolutely love.

So, if you are ready to have your event become dynamic, engaging, super fun, and amazing with the magic of PA’s Busiest Magician… Eddy Ray call him today! If you don’t know this, you can simply scroll to the top of Eddy’s website and read testimonials, view a brief list of clients, see performance photos, and watch a variety of his YouTube clips.