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Read This About Pennsylvania Birthday PartiesIt’s Time For A Memorable Party With Certified Selinsgrove Magician Eddy Ray!

Trying to find the right Selinsgrove, PA Magicians that specialize in wholesome family entertainment can be a very aggravating task. However, let one Selinsgrove magician – Eddy Ray make your event planning easy and hassle free. Eddy can provide you with memorable magic shows that will have your guests talking about YOUR event for time to come! What could be better than that?

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional magician who offers incredibly fun magic shows all over Pennsylvania (including Selinsgrove, PA). This magician in Selinsgrove has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include Aaron’s Acres, The Riveredge, Lancaster Jewish Community Center, Spring City Elementary School, and many more. Eddy’s magic is audience tested and enjoyed by all ages!

Selinsgrove Magician Eddy Ray, Review:

“Thanks so much for the wonderful show at Kieran’s party!  The adults and kids all had a good time.  The best part was hearing Kieran’s laughter, he had such a good time!  The show was perfect for the age group and they all had so much fun.  It was truly a pleasure working with you, from setting up the party to the actual event!”

– Shannon Arehart – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


Please call or email this magician in Selinsgrove for further information and prices on all of his entertainment packages. As Eddy performs professionally, dates and times can get very limited. Contact him now!

Selinsgrove PA Magician Eddy Ray serves: the local area and many major areas in PA.

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Magicians in Selinsgrove – What Makes Eddy Ray’s Show Unique?

Sure there are several magicians in Selinsgrove you could hire for your kids next birthday party, but why should you seriously consider one over the other? Eddy Ray a Selinsgrove magician has some brief reasons why his magic shows are the best in Pennsylvania!

1) Selinsgrove magicians, Amateur or Professional? – The difference between an amateur who performs only a few shows compared with a seasoned professional who performs over 10 shows a month, the difference is like night and day. Eddy’s magic shows are fine tuned, entertaining, action packed, and unique because he has the experience and professionalism that is put into every show. He knows how to keep the kids smiling, laughing, and can keep their attention for the entire show! Most amateur magicians in Selinsgrove would not be able to keep up with the children for 30 or 50 minutes and you run the risk of children getting restless and unhappy.

2) Magicians in Selinsgrove – A Guarantee? Eddy offers a full satisfaction guarantee on every magic show he performs. You cannot go wrong knowing that Eddy backs up his magic show with a full guarantee. He guarantees the kids will be smiling and having a good time, or the show is free! There is no risk in that! Not many.. if any other magicians in Selinsgrove offer such a complete and straight forward guarantee. Don’t run the risk of hiring someone who will not back up his or her services. Don’t forget this magician in Selinsgrove also has a clean show guarantee. This guarantee is very important because you will know that the magic show will be age appropriate with clean comedy and fun. No blue humor or offensive material!

3) Magicians in Selinsgrove for Hire – Eddy Ray, a Selinsgrove magician offers multiple party packages and allows customization to better fit your event, this way you get exactly the kind of entertainment you need to help make your event memorable. Eddy, unlike other Selinsgrove magicians offers direct and personal service and can vary length of shows, types of magic, giveaways and so much more. Don’t be stuck with one show that a Selinsgrove magician might offer, get more choices with Eddy Ray! Souvenir’s are the best way to leave a lasting memory in the hands of your guests, let this magician in Selinsgrove customize some for your event making it the best ever!

These are just a few things that makes Eddy Rays magic show services standout compared to other magicians in Selinsgrove PA. Browse the website and you’ll find testimonials, videos, and other relevant information on what this magician in Selinsgrove can offer. For more information and a free price quote for your event fill out the contact form above or call Eddy directly at 1-877-297-7252.

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