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Searching for entertainment especially a magician can sometimes seem like a task that is near impossible to complete! Who do you hire? What magician is best for your event? What are things that you should avoid? All of these questions are answered below!

Who to hire? – That depends on what kind of event you are planning. Eddy Ray specializes in family entertainment so his magic services are capable of entertaining both kids and adults! Other magicians may claim they can also entertain both kids and adults but do they really have the talent and experience to do it properly? With Eddy Ray, it’s very clear that he is more then ready to amaze and delight all ages. You can visit the rest of his website and find testimonials and a client list which proves he really knows his stuff!

Something to avoid is hiring a part timer or magician who is only in it as a hobby. This often results in a shoddy performance and sometimes you are not even sure if they are going to show up! Your event is all to important to have some magician show up late or be simply, boring. Eddy prides himself in performing full time professionally and always arrives early to setup and brings his “A” game for each show. You’ll see the smiles and hear the laughs during his performance and realize you made a great CHOICE!

Our magician in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania ( Eddy Ray ) is the best choice for you. The best part is his magic shows are affordable and he has a handful of options from close-up magic performances to larger stage shows. Really there is just about something he can do for almost any event.. and he’ll make it memorable!

Here is one quick testimonial (of many more) for Magician Eddy Ray!

“Thank you again for a wonderful performance. Our party had a blend of people who didn’t know each other so we tried to come up with an idea to break the ice, coming across your web site seemed like the perfect idea. I had some reservations booking without ever seeing your performance or being referred by someone. After your first trick you put any fears I had to rest. Your interaction with people is fantastic. It got our company to get involved and made some great conversation. We hope we can do this again and we will recommend you to anyone we can. Thank you!”

Kiersten & Steve Hoak


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A few more reasons why Eddy Ray is a superb choice for you:

– Eddy doesn’t perform tired old magical shows with cheesy music and an out of date tuxedo. He prides himself in performing cutting edge sleight of hand, clean but funny comedy, visual magical illusions and he wears a modern wardrobe and uses music most people can relate too!

– Eddy can perform his magic for a few people or a few thousand (or more) . Often people ask if the size audience will matter. It does, but Eddy prepares and caters each show so that the magic performance will be appropriate for the type of magic show and the type of audience at the event. He has a broad range of magical effects and will adapt to make it work seamlessly within your event!

– Busy guy. Yeah, Eddy Ray is a busy guy and he performs a LOT! This means that you shouldn’t wait on contacting him for your upcoming event. Even if you are just in the early stages, it’s important to contact him. He can provide you will full details and even guide you on what is best for YOU and your EVENT!