Magicians in Pottstown PA For Kids And Adults

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Are you looking for Pottstown, PA Magicians that specialize in family magic shows and offer affordable, high quality entertainment?  Eddy Ray is the one! He is a well experienced in magic entertainment for children and adults by performing over 200 shows each and every year! Wowzers!

Eddy Ray is a full-time professional Family Magician who performs his highly interactive and fun magic show all over the region! This Magician has performed at birthday parties, private events, corporate parties, and schools just to name a few. Some clients include J.C Ehrlich, Mifflin Assisted Living, Bernville Community Library, Stokesay Castle, Magic Jungle and more. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults as he knows how to keep them entertained!!

The Proof Is Right Before Your Eyes… Read What These Clients Have To Say About The Busiest Magician In Town!

“I would like to take this opportunity to “Thank You” on behalf of the first grade children at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center. Your wonderful show was the highlight of the day for the children. – Teresa E. Lord, R.I.F. Coordinator

“Eddy was extremely professional with how he handled everything from the first phone call to the follow up call all the way to the mailing he sent after the great performance. The kids loved the show and the adults enjoyed his magic and humor.” – The Owens Family – Pottstown, Pennsylvania


You’ll instantly see the affect Eddy Ray can have on your upcoming birthday party for kids or that adult magic show and party you are planning. Hire a true professional magician, one that will arrive early, smell good, make your guests enjoy themselves, and thank you for providing them with such a memorable time. Contact Eddy Ray right now, he will not disappoint you.



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Exciting Magic Tricks From The Most Energetic Magic Show in Pottstown, PA!

Pottstown Magician Scout Show PhotoEddy Ray has an incredibly visual and interactive magic show that suits all ages. Magic is a great form of entertainment because it has no language barriers. With the experience Eddy has, he knows what will entertain and what will amaze your guests… and that is important!

Magician Eddy Ray’s show is built on one main factor, to get the children and audience involved. How does he do this? Throughout the show he will ask for volunteers to help out with certain magical tricks and routines. Some children might hold a magic wand, or other prop to assist Eddy. This makes the child or children feel special because they actually get to help create the magic!

Not every child can help out on stage, however every child will feel a part of the entire magic show. Eddy Ray does this so every child is smiling and happy. Often he goes directly into the middle of the audience to make the magic happen! This makes for some great comical and memorable moments! The audience and helpers become the stars aside of Eddy Ray and people are usually talking about the show long after it’s over!

Not all magicians do audience participation. Some of them stay put in front of the audience for the whole show. It’s almost like watching television! Eddy’s magic is unique, visual, and super fun. He makes a point to directly involve the audience and have them be a huge part of the show, if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be doing what he loves to do!

Eddy often makes magic happen right in the children’s own hands. Imagine bright red sponge balls multiplying, appearing, and disappearing in your child’s hands! Eddy Ray also performs a trick where three color scarfs transform into a small American flag, inside a child’s hand! You have to hear the gasps, see the excitement, and the eyes of each child when this happens! It truly is a magical moment!!!

Magician Eddy Ray is a world class performer who offers affordable and fantastic magic shows for kids and adults. He has been performing magic professionally for over 15 years. He has won several awards in magic and has performed from Las Vegas, Nevada and even across the world to Tokyo, Japan! If you are interested in more information on what this magician in Pottstown Pennsylvania can do for you.. contact him now! Important notice!! Eddy is so busy he books many dates well in advance, so please don’t hesitate to contact him right now.