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Watch the video below to see how Eddy Ray can amaze & delight the morning news anchors on Fox 43!

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What makes hiring a magician for your event better then hiring a musician?


  1. Everyone goes to an event and sees and hears a musician. It doesn’t have that exciting appeal and unique quality to it like seeing a magician perform at a event. Whether the magic show is for a few hundred people or you witness amazing close-up magic inches from your eyes, it’s something that creates a memorable moment for you and your guests.
  2. A professional magician who has a good amount of experience can create an entertainment package that will cater to kids or adults. Valley Forge Magician Eddy Ray does just that. He performs hundred of shows each year and his magic is capable of entertaining kids as well as any adult. He is able to change up his magic and perform mind reading and sleight of hand for the adults, while the kids laugh and are amazed through his colorful tricks and funny antics.
  3. As the above point states, magicians can cater the magic towards the appropriate ages. Musicians can as well but here is the thing, magic is much more universal and can be enjoyed by many more people. Magic itself brings a sense of wonder and makes you start imagining again, adults become children and well.. children keep using their imagination. There are no language barriers as magic can be seen and understood in it’s most simple form.
  4. Valley Forge magician Eddy Ray can perform his magical entertainment inside or out and can setup a performance in just about any venue or space. A magician is a lot more adaptable then a musician who needs to be anchored down. Eddy Ray can roam your event grounds performing amazing magic out of his pockets and cover a ton of people. He can also perform set shows for different sized groups ensuring your guests get to experience a fun time.

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