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Ardmore Magicians – Eddy Ray’s Amazing Magic Show!

Eddy Ray’s amazing magic shows are can entertain children and adults. This magician in Ardmore can vary show length allowing the show to fit easily withing your event schedule.

Eddy’s magic shows are not like the normal magicians you might find in Ardmore. His magic shows are very interactive meaning people from the audience can volunteer to assist the magician “on stage” for certain parts of the show. Imagine your child helping the magician with some really cool magic tricks, or a co-worker being able to read another person’s mind!! All of these amazing things can happen when members of the audience interact and volunteer to help.

Eddy’s magic shows feature many things and you can always add on others. Some additional features this magician in Ardmore gives is the chance for the client to provide guests with a magic trick(s), souvenir’s, and or goodie bags. All of this helps your guests remember the magic show and your event!

Another feature is that this magician in Ardmore can provide is a full sound system and backdrop, making the event and magical performance as professional as possible. Once your guests see the “setup” they’ll know they are in store for a great show.

Magicians in Ardmore like Eddy offer fantastic service, professional magic shows and much more at a very affordable price.

If you’d like more information on this magician in Ardmore please browse Eddy’s website. You will find a client listing of this magician in Ardmore’s work, performance videos and photos, plus so much more.

Brief History on Magicians in Ardmore – Eddy Ray

Ardmore magician Eddy Ray is considered Pennsylvania’s Busiest magician. Eddy performs over 10 shows a month. This magician in Ardmore has traveled the globe performing as well as teaching magic! In fact, Eddy is an author of two magic books which are sold worldwide.

This magician in Ardmore has appeared on numerous television shows, radio programs, and internet related media. He’s a full time professional magician who loves performing his magic shows for the family audience. You can find more information on Ardmore magician Eddy Ray by clicking on the “About Eddy Ray” button at the top of this website.