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Why Hire Carlisle Magician Eddy Ray?

Experience! Eddy Ray has more experience then most magicians in the Carlisle area. Why does this matter? Eddy Ray knows what it takes to help make your event memorable, he won’t treat your event like a trial and error session. Whether it’s for a kids party or corporate event, Eddy takes his job seriously and wants to help you make the event a huge success. Here is a brief bio of Carlisle magician Eddy Ray.

Illusionist and Carlisle Magician Eddy Ray has been astounding people from the U.S.A. to the far reaches of Japan with his incredible and artistic sleight of hand, hilarious interactive audience segments, and his fresh approach to performing magic and illusion.

Eddy has won numerous awards including 4th place at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was selected to compete at Talent Rock, which was founded by music impresario and entrepreneur Lou Pearlman. In 2008 & 2009 Eddy Ray was asked to audition for America’s Got Talent on NBC. Eddy also is an accomplished author with two magic books available for sale worldwide. He also is the star of over 10 best selling magic instructional DVDs designed to teach other magicians sleight of hand magic and techniques.

Another important factor to consider is that this magician in Carlisle carries full 100% liability insurance. Truth be told, not all magicians in Carlisle do. Why, it could be a number of factors.. they don’t perform enough shows, they are lazy, they don’t want to pay for it.. who really knows. What this magician in Carlisle does know is that he wants you and your guests to be happy. The less you have to worry, the better off you will be and the more fun the event will be! Don’t run the risk of hiring magicians in Carlisle who do not carry a necessary liability certificate. It’s simply just not worth the hassle or stress, for you, your guests, and the entertainer.

So there you have it, two simple but very important things to consider when hiring magicians in Carlisle. Eddy Ray is available for just about any event and can customize a magic show for you, simple contact him today for free information. Don’t wait to long… your date and time might not last long!

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