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Simple And Effective Tips For Hiring The Best Magicians in Hershey PA

Magicians in Hershey For Hire: Know who you want to entertain. Will there be kids  and adults? It’s very important to know this so you know what information to give the magicians in Hershey so that they can provide you with the best and most appropriate show possible.

1) Some magicians in Hershey do not perform for kids while others may just perform adult oriented magic shows. Eddy Ray, a Hershey magician performs for both and offers many family friendly magic show packages. This Hershey magician takes the extra effort to cater his magic show for your event.

If planning an event outdoors, is the magician in Hershey able to perform a magic show outside? Some magicians in Hershey cannot do this and at the same time others will not recommend it. Hershey magician and illusionist Eddy Ray can perform inside and outside, he just recommends that you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. He has performed magic shows under picnic areas, in parks, and in many other areas.

2) Make sure there is room for magicians in Hershey. Some magicians in Hershey may require a certain setup or area where the performance needs to be held. With Eddy Ray, his magic shows and equipment can pack small into many areas while filling the “stage” or area with magic and allowing everyone to easily see. This magician in Hershey recommends that you have a safe place for the audience to sit and a comfortable one at that. He provides a backdrop and sound system if appropriate for the area of performance to make the show as professional as possible.

Length of the show. Never make a good thing to long, no matter how great the magicians in Hershey are, it’s tough to keep the attention of an audience for over 60 minutes without a break. Most of Eddy Ray’s magic shows are between 30-60 minutes but can be tailored to fit your event. Longer shows can be performed with a small intermission. If the event is a party, Eddy Ray can perform his fun filled magic show, then do a teaching magic session and other features too. This magician is very versatile and offers so many options to help make your event memorable Not many, if any other magicians in Hershey are as experienced and versatile as Eddy Ray.

Hopefully these brief tips help in your search for magicians in Hershey. Give Eddy Ray a call now for free information regarding your event, you will be happy you did!

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