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Read This Before Hiring Any Magicians in Lancaster! WARNING!!!!Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

Finding entertainment for your child’s party can seem like a daunting task at first. Which magician in Lancaster should you hire. Where do you find qualified magician in Lancaster for hire? What do you ask the Lancaster PA magician? How much should you spend on a magician in Lancaster? All of these questions are very important. In this article Lancaster magician Eddy Ray will give you some insider secrets on what to look for when hiring a magician in Lancaster.

Eddy Ray is a professional magician who entertains kids and adults throughout the Lancaster PA area.

1) Lancaster PA Magicians are all the same: Never think this. As with any kind of entertainer, you have certain levels. Hobbyist/Amateur / Part-Timer / Full Time Professional. You get what you pay for in almost ever instance. Sometimes spending that little bit extra will give you some relief knowing that you have a professional magician, one who is experienced and ready to make your child’s party extra special. It is your child’s special day and I am sure that you would hate to see your child upset or the party ruined because of a magician in Lancaster who is inadequate.

Sure there are some hobbyists and part-timers who have a good show, but will these magicians in Lancaster give you the service and memorable show that you and your child deserve? A full time professional has a time tested and audience tested show because they perform on a regular basis. You run the risk of a part-time magician performing a magic show that is rusty or not entertaining or fun throughout it’s entirety.

Since these magicians in Lancaster are part-time, that means they have a regular full time job. Are they going to be able to fulfill their obligations to you and arrive on time or even show up if they have other priorities? This may sound extreme but it’s happened to numerous people throughout the years. By hiring a professional, all of these risks disappear, literally!

A professional magician in Lancaster such as Eddy Ray performs show after show, week after week. His magic show is polished and geared towards the proper age group that you’ll be having at your event. This Lancaster PA magician will even set you a confirmation, party planning guide, and other information to help make the party extra special. The final kicker to everything is that this magician in Lancaster offers a full 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every magic show! He guarantees your audience will be smiling, laughing, and having a good time or the the show is free.

What more could you ask for, there is no risk! You see the difference between part time magicians in Lancaster and full time magicians is like night and day.

2) Does the magician in Lancaster provide full liability insurance? Stop right here. Do not put yourself at risk, if the magician in Lancaster is not professional enough to carry liability insurance for their company stay away. Why run the risk of something happening? Eddy Ray provides full liability insurance for every magic show so he is fully covered in all circumstances. Any professional magician in Lancaster should carry this but beware of some who don’t. This magician in Lancaster PA provides a full copy of the certificate to you upon booking the magic show. Leave the stress out of you child’s party by hiring a magician in Lancaster who cares about you and your guests.

3) Do you really know who you are hiring when it comes to magicians in Lancaster or from any other areas? Unfortunately, the times we live in has some really strange people in this world. On top of all the important information above, this last tip should seriously be considered. Ask the magicians in Lancaster to provide you with a child abuse history clearance certificate. This way you know that they are serious about their job and are who they say they are! Eddy Ray, a magician in Lancaster provides this certificate of clearance to every magic show he performs at that will have kids in attendance. This should set you at ease. DO NOT HIRE ANY ENTERTAINER OR MAGICIANS IN LANCASTER WHO DO NOT PROVIDE THIS CERTIFICATE! Why let a stranger into your home?

Hopefully these tips and suggestions will help you in your search of Lancaster Magicians. Just as you take making your child’s party a top priority, hire a magician like Eddy Ray who’s priority it is to make your child’s party memorable and unique.

Call Eddy Ray, magician in Lancaster for free information at 1-877-297-7252.