Restaurants: 5 Reasons To Hire Magician Eddy Ray

Intimate Illusions: Dining Entertainment People Will Talk About For Weeks To Come.

Turns Your Typical Dining Experience Into A “Wow! Wasn’t That Fantastic” Occasion

  • This entertainment program features incredible magic, and mind reading that is perfect for small groups or one on one.
  • Your Customers Will Have A Wonderful Time
  • You’ll be delighted to hear the gasps of amazement and laughter, as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 7 minute shows.

If You’re Asking, “What’s In It For Me?” Read On!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should seriously consider using my services.

  1. Using my magic services will make your restaurant unique and different.
  2. My service will more than pay for itself through new customers, and making repeat customers come back again and again.
  3. Your restaurant will receive free advertising every time I perform for private parties. The name of your restaurant will also appear on my promotional materials allowing your restaurant to literally reach thousands of people each year!
  4. If it’s a really busy night and people are waiting to be seated I can keep them entertained until seating is available! They won’t even think about leaving to go somewhere else! Extra business for you!!!

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